Dundee Esplanade

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Dundee Esplanade (1889-1939)

Opened on the Tay Bridge (North British Railway).
Opened on the Tay Bridge and Associated Lines (North British Railway).


This was a two platform station at the north end of the Tay Bridge. The station remains largely intact and the southbound station building is used by engineers for maintenance of the bridge. The platforms are timber. The station extends out over Riverside Drive, which was originally known as the Esplanade. The station dates from the second bridge, the original had no station here.

It is close to what was Buckingham Point on the original shoreline.

There was a signal box, 'Tay Bridge North', on the eastbound platform, east of the former station building. This box opened with the replacement Tay Bridge, replacing a box on the original 1878 bridge which probably little use after 1879 when the Tay Bridge [1st] fell. The second box closed in 1928. (The original box was on the bridge north of the Esplanade road.)

To the east of the station there were sidings on both sides, approached from the east. The southern group have been removed and the northern group reduced to two only.

The station was west of Dundee station.

The entire waterfront area is built on reclaimed land, including the north end of the Tay Bridge. All land to the south of, and including the course of, the Dundee to Perth line was reclaimed. (See Esplanade Junction Signal Box.)


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