Bothwell Park Signal Box

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Bothwell Park Signal Box (-1945)

Opened on the Glasgow, Bothwell, Hamilton and Coatbridge Railway.


This box controlled access to Bothwell Park Colliery Pits No 1 and 2 (also served by the Caledonian Railway) and the Hamilton Palace / Douglas Park Colliery Branch (Caledonian Railway and North British Railway Joint) line.

A set of sidings to the west of the box allowed reversal of trains from Bothwell Park Colliery to run east and north of Coatbridge.

About a mile east a tank on the lineside (north side) may have been for railway use.

The box and sidings were east of Bothwell Junction and west of Bellshill [NB].

The nearby Caledonian box was Bothwell Park Colliery Signal Box.


Signal box junction