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Blochairn Steel Works (1855-1962)

Served by the Blochairn Steel Works Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This works opened in 1855 for the production of wrought iron, later malleable iron and later still steel. It was located on the north bank of the Monkland Canal, used to deliver coal to the site. The works was served from Garngad to the north west by sidings from the City of Glasgow Union Railway of 1875, which bordered the works to the west. It was also served from Blochairn Junction to the east by sidings from the Blochairn Steel Works Branch (Caledonian Railway) of 1884, opened as the works expanded.

The works closed in 1962 and the site is now partly occupied by the 'Glasgow Wholesale Market'. The course of the Monkland Canal is now the M8.

For the opening of the City of Glasgow Union Railway a quite lengthy portion of the Monkland Canal, which formerly bordered the southern edge of the Blochairn Iron Works, was deviated to the south to a location where the line passed underneath in a tunnel specifically built through the new canal deviation. Short portions of the original canal route were left on either side, severed by the new railway's alignment.


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26/11/1884Blochairn Steel Works Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Line opened from between Germiston Junction High and Blochairn Steel Works.