Blackbyres Junction [G and SW]

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Blackbyres Junction [G and SW] (1902-1909)

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Opened on the Barrhead Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was a double track junction. A line from the Barrhead Central terminus met a line from Barrhead North Junction (on the Glasgow, Barrhead and Neilston Direct Railway) here and ran on to Thornly Park Junction and Potterhill.

It was immediately east of Blackbyres Junction [CR] on the neighbouring Caledonian line. Unlike that line, it carried passengers for a few years. The G&SWR line to Barrhead Central passed under the Blackbyres Junction [CR] to Barrhead Central alignment just to the south.

After 1909 the location ceased to be a junction with closure of the curve to Barrhead North Junction and the remaining line was singled. The signal box closed.

The Barrhead Central station was short lived, open from 1902 to 1916. In 1917 the Potterhill line was cut back from Barrhead Central (excluded) through Blackbyres to Thornly Park Junction (excluded).

The site was landscaped after closure little remains to be seen.