Barnhill Signal Box

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Perth [Barnhill] (1847-1849)
Barnhill Signal Box (1874-)

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Opened on the Dundee and Perth Railway.


Today this is a signal box location. This was a short lived terminus of the line from Dundee West. It was the first railway station in Perth, albeit across the river from the town. The railway is still open. It is located on a slope and was constrained between Barnhill House, on the east side, and the River Tay, to the west. The house (see its entry) was bought by the railway company and became the station building. The line terminated a little to the north of the building and slightly to the west of today's railway. For the official opening of the railway there was a banquet for 500 guests in a railway shed. On opening to passengers the grounds of the house were available for passengers to stroll in. For first class passengers there was a omnibus which ran to Perth General.

The line was extended west over the timber double track Tay Viaduct [Perth] to a new Perth Princes Street terminus and the Barnhill terminus closed. A siding remained on the eastbound line, approached by reversal. The house remained in railway ownership, several Perth stationmasters lived here.

The viaduct was replaced by a single track stone version which remains today.

Long after closure the Barnhill Carriage Sidings were installed here.

Today there is a signal box (opened 1874) controlling the point where the double track line from Dundee becomes single to cross the Tay Viaduct [Perth].

The railway has been re-aligned to ease the approach to the Tay Viaduct [Perth]. The house no longer exists.


Terminus sidings


Barnhill [P and DR] Barnhill [D and PR] Perth Barnhill Barnhill [Perth] Barnhill DPR

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