Tay Viaduct [Perth]

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Tay Viaduct [Perth] (1849-)

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Opened on the Dundee and Perth Railway.


A single track metal girder single track viaduct which, in 1863/64, replaced an earlier double track timber viaduct which had 25 arches and an iron swing bridge. The original bridge was 444 yds long.

The first span on the west side was double track as the reversing spur for the Perth Princes Street goods yard, built on a very cramped site, was on the viaduct. The first pier of the viaduct remains for a double track today, although the line is now single.

The viaduct crosses the River Tay using the north end of Friarton (on Moncrieffe) Island. This island is noted for its allotments and the King James VI Golf Club.


Viaduct River Tay

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