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Balerno (1874-1943)

Opened on the Balerno Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was a single platform station. Although the Balerno Branch (Caledonian Railway) was a loop, Balerno station operated as a terminus with trains running to Edinburgh Princes Street. The loop was referred to as the Balerno Branch. The line continued west past the station to Ravelrig Junction and east to Balerno Junction via Juniper Green and Colinton. The next station east was Currie [2nd].

This platform was on the south west side of the line. Initially there was no passing loop, but this was added on the north east side in 1899 and Balerno Goods Junction signal box, to the south controlling access to the goods yard, was replaced with a larger building.

Between 1934, with the goods junction box closed, and 1943 instruments were in the station office. !943 was when the line closed to passengers.

The station was located in a cutting, since infilled. The bridge which once crossed the line, carrying Lanark Road West, was modified by the realignment of the road to the south. The northern parapet remains.



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  /  /1870Balerno Branch (Caledonian Railway)
New version of the Balerno branch authorised.
  /  /1870Balerno Branch (Caledonian Railway)
A connection at the west end of the Balerno branch is authorised from Ravelrig Junction, making the branch into a loop off the Edinburgh branch of the Caledonian Railway. Balerno Goods would now be left on a short branch.
01/08/1874Balerno Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Loop opened along with Balerno Goods. Stations opened at Colinton, Juniper Green, Currie [2nd] and Balerno.
11/09/1939Balerno Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Balerno (excluded) - Ravelrig Junction (excluded) closed to passengers.
01/11/1943Balerno Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Balerno to Edinburgh (Balerno Junction) closed to passengers (official date 13 June 1949).
13/06/1949Balerno Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Balerno to Edinburgh (Balerno Junction) officially closed to passengers, although actually suspended in 1943.


The Balerno Branch and the Caley in Edinburgh (Oakwood Library of Railway History)