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A non-for-profit high speed rail research and development organisation has proposed the build of a rail tunnel between Scotland and Northern Ireland. The suggestion came in a submission by Greengauge.
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Transform Scotland has published its evidence submitted to the Union Connectivity Review, the call for submissions for which ends today. In our evidence, we find that there is no evidence case on grounds of travel demand for a fixed link between Scotland and Northern Ireland, but that significant improvements could be made to public transport.
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Proposed improvements to the UK rail network could see faster links between Glasgow and London as well as a cross-Irish Sea rail tunnel for links to Belfast.

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Plans have been drawn up for the futuristic connection which would use cutting edge technology to allow Scots to cross the Irish Sea in a fraction of the time it takes by ferry.

[The Times comments: The tube through which traffic could pass would be 50m (164ft) below the surface. Cars could drive through or park on a shuttle train.]
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Proposals for a bridge linking Scotland and Northern Ireland could be abandoned in place of a tunnel, a key figure has revealed. Peter Hendy, who is chairing a government-commissioned review into ways to improve transport links between the home nations, said a sub-surface connection was more feasible in this instance.
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Boris Johnson gives blessing to Network Rail chairman Sir Peter Hendy's decision to conduct a review of a link between Stranraer and Larne. [Railscot note: this is by no means the first consideration of a tunnel. Other notable instances of serious plans include 1868, 1901 and 1934.]
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