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Slowly (sometimes very slowly) but surely Ireland is putting together a greenway network. Already we have the more commonly known and well established Comber Greenway, the Great Western greenway (connecting Westport to Achill Island) and Waterford Greenway that opened in March 2017. In Waterford it is estimated that more than million people now use the greenway annually. The Royal Canal Greenway is Ireland's longest greenway at 144km. In the south greenway investment has increased significantly and we may be ...
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Stormont's track record on delivering major projects shows these plans - like the Belfast-Dublin rail service - are going nowhere fast.
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Stormont will need to find 7.7 billion to fund the rail improvements on the table.
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The railway map of Ireland is very different today to the one at the onset of partition just over 100 years ago.
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What could make for a more relaxing holiday than strolling peacefully or cycling with the family on a smooth pathway specially designed for you, without any fear of honking horns, heavy trucks, or fast cars coming up behind?

Irish long-distance pathways are the answer. Greenways are a fairly new innovation, but they are proving hugely popular, especially with families and gentle walkers as well as keen cyclists. Many of these walking/cycling routes utilise old railway tracks which were, in their time, the latest and most startling invention to change Irish life, giving country folk the opportunity for the first time to travel further than the next village, and city residents the chance to get out and experience the beauties of the countryside.
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'This highlights that this work is long overdue and has captured the imagination of the public across the whole island'.
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People across the Island have expressed interest and enthusiasm in a public consultation about an All Island Rail Review.

That's according to the Norths Infrastructure Minister, who says about 3,500 responses have been gathered from both sides of the border, as the public consultation period on the review ended yesterday.
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Ireland's abandoned 19th century railways have been revitalised as greenways in recent years after falling into disrepair. Here's the inside story on the transformation.
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Packed full of handwritten details by Irish customs officials and the Garda about goods confiscated on the Pettigo border between 1937 and 1945, the Register has recorded in meticulous detail the size, weight, quantity and value of farm animals, perishable and non-perishable goods and other immensely varied items seized on border patrols, in Pettigo Railway Station and in the Post Office.
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Enda Kenny makes his TV presenting debut next week, as he fronts a new show about the long-abandoned railway routes of Ireland.
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