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It is clear that Northern Ireland has a stark east-west divide in transport infrastructure. One which fails to fully reflect its population distribution, and raises questions of sectarian policymaking and a Belfast-centric nature to governance here. It is also clear that the era of car dominance in urban areas is slowly drawing to a close worldwide, which Northern Ireland will inevitably catch up with. Climate change and a desire for more liveable towns and cities will ...
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Infrastructure has become a hot topic in NI since the London government established a 'Union Connectivity Review' (UCR) to recommend projects to strengthen links between the UK's constituent parts. Since then the media has been consumed by the possibility of a physical connection between NI and Scotland - first in the form of a bridge and more recently an undersea tunnel, christened the 'Boris Bridge' and 'Boris Burrow' (though I would suggest a more appropriate title should incorporate the name
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