Wick Shed

Location type

Loco shed

Name and dates

Wick Shed

Where: Highland
Opened on the Sutherland and Caithness Railway.


This two road shed was located south of the station, goods yard and livestock sidings. It was approached from the west.

Locomotives passed through the shed, or used a siding to the south of the shed, to reach the turntable. (A line north of the shed was added later.)

The turntable was enlarged twice. For the second replacement the 55 ft turntable was transferred from Daviot to Wick in 1902 (Daviot had been a temporary northern terminus of the line from Aviemore from 1897 to 1989 when it was completed to Inverness).

Wick shed was assigned the code 60D by British Railways, with Thurso Shed as a sub shed.

The shed still exists, in re-built form, as a supermarket.




  /  /1962Sutherland and Caithness Railway
Helmsdale Shed and Wick Shed closed.


Highland Survivor