Viewpark Colliery Signal Box

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Names and dates

Maryville Colliery Signal Box (1874-1899)
Viewpark Colliery Signal Box (1899-1938)


This signal box was east of Uddingston station and Uddingston Junction. It controlled both the line to Bellshill (opened 1878) and that to Motherwell (of 1849). These lines met just to the west at Uddingston Junction. The box also controlled access to Viewpark Colliery which was on the north side of the Bellshill line just to the east. This box opened in 1879 to replace an earlier box of 1874.

The box closed in 1938 as Uddingston Junction box was replaced in 1937.

Both main lines are still open and are electrified. The former colliery line was closed in 1938. Today the Uddingston Cement Depot (also known as Viewpark) occupies the same location as Viewpark Colliery, served by sidings served from the east.


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