Stepps [1st]

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Steps Road (1842-1924)
Stepps [1st] (1924-1962)

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Opened on the Garnkirk and Glasgow Railway.


This station was on the east side of Cumbernauld Road, for which it was briefly named, close to the road bridge. It was a two platform station in Caledonian style with the main building on the westbound platform.

Step and Stepps are used interchangeably for the location, then Stepps from around 1924.

There was a goods yard on the north side, served from the east.

The signal box was at the east end of the westbound platform. A headshunt for the Comedie Screens mineral line made a trailing connection directly east of the station. The line ran south.

To the east of the station, and to the north of the line, was the Step Road Carriage Shed (older spelling). These sheds were approached from the east. The connection for the goods yard and carriage sheds was originally further east, at Cardowan Signal Box, later made at the Stepps signal box.

Later the sheds were removed but the carriage sidings remained.

The station closed in 1962 and the signal box in 1964.

The replacement Stepps station was built further east is 1989.

The goods loading bank remained intact until the 1990s when housing was built on the site.