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Stannergate (1901-1916)

Opened on the Trades Lane and Carolina Port Railway.


When the line was built this was countryside and seashore with very little immediately nearby. Craigie House was to the north. By 1900 some development had begun and was encouraged by the opening of the station. The temporary terminus Craigie was to the east by a level crossing. The road was lifted onto a bridge as traffic increased.

Stannergate was a two platform station on a short section of quadruple line, no doubt useful for letting express trains pass local trains. the main station building was on the eastbound platform.

There were two signal boxes - east and west - both opened in 1901. The boxes were on the north side of the line at either end of the station.

A small yard developed to the south of the station with looped sidings.

The station closed to passengers in 1916.

The west box closed but reopened in 1920, closed again in 1921 and closed completely in 1930. The east box became simply 'Stannergate'. The westbound slow line beside the platform was lifted, redundant now that the yard existed. Station buildings were demolished in the 1930s.

Road planning in the area changed the north side of the line from no road (before the station) to Stirling Road, serving the station and some housing, to Dundee Road West a major through road.

The Tay Oilcake Works was served by a couple of sidings from the looped sidings, just to the east of the works.

The platforms, without buildings, survived for many years after closure. The loop to the north (by the former eastbound platform) and yard to the south is closed and lifted.

The signal box survived until 1967. The railway remains open as a double track railway.



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  /02/1901Trades Lane and Carolina Port Railway Dundee and Arbroath Railway
Stannergate opened.
01/05/1916Trades Lane and Carolina Port Railway Dundee and Arbroath Railway
Stannergate closed.