Shore Road Level Crossing [NB]

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Shore Road Level Crossing [NB] (1852-1891)

Opened on the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway.

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This level crossing was to the north of Sitrling East station, the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway and later North British Railway station. It was controlled by a signal box, Shore Road Level Crossing Signal Box, which was opened in 1887. This was on the west side of the line and south of the level crossing. Just to the west was the equivalent Shore Road Level Crossing [CR].

With increasing traffic levels the level crossings were replaced with a bridge crossing both lines carrying the new Seaforth Place. Something of the former level crossing can still be seen as Shore Road, as it approaches from the east, comes to an abrupt end by the railway. The buildings on the north side of shore road have their ground floors at the original level still.

This was not the only level crossing in Stirling to be taken out as Craigs Crossing, to the south of the station, was taken out in 1885.

The Shore Road crossings were taken out in 1891 when the replacement Seaforth Place bridge opened.

In 1900 the signal box closed following the opening of the new bridge. This allowed reconstruction of the northern approaches to Stirling and Stirling East stations and allowed a new approach for Forth and Clyde Junction Railway trains to the east station, the building of a bay at the north end between the two station and the amalgamations of the stations which was formally recognised in 1968. Stirling North Junction was built to the north of the stations, presided over by the new Stirling North box which replaced both level crossing boxes. Prior to its opening the connection between the two systems was to the south of the station.



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