Craigs Crossing

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Craigs Crossing (1848-1885)

Opened on the Scottish Central Railway.


This level crossing was south of Stirling station and Stirling Shed [CR]. It was taken out in 1885, around the same time as the Shore Road level crossings north of the station were taken out (Shore Road Level Crossing [CR] and Shore Road Level Crossing [NB] were taken out in 1887/88).

The level crossing was with 'The Craigs', a road still to be found in Stirling, to the west of here. The south end of the Stirling Shed [CR] was close to the shed, on the east side of the line, and Craigs Siding was also to the north, on its west side.

There was a signal box here.

The level crossing was replaced by a new road bridge to the south carrying Kerse Road. This allowed the shed to become double ended by adding a new approach from the south, allowed the Craigs sidings to be extended and clearly improvement arrangements for both rail and road traffic.

A new signal box, Stirling South Signal Box, opened to the south, south of the Kerse bridge, in 1885.


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