Sandilands Viaduct

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Sandilands Viaduct (1864-1968)

Opened on the Douglas Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was a single track viaduct over the River Clyde between Sandilands [Lanarkshire] and Lanark stations.

The viaduct had six bowstring girders.

Piers were in groups of three and on a skew from the railway. The bracing between the piers was extraordinary with circular holws punched out - six larges holes arranged in two columns of three between the piers.

The line closed to passengers in 1964 but was retained until 1968 for access to Douglas Colliery, near Ponfeigh. The colliery was mothballed in 1967.

The piers have been removed but the abutments at either end, both of which are substantial, remain.



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