Parkhead Forge

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Parkhead Forge (1837-1979)

Served by the The Switchback (Caledonian Railway).
Served by the Glasgow and Coatbridge Branch (North British Railway).


This forge in Parkhead was built around 1837 for Reoch Brothers & Co. The oldest part was on the south side of New Road by the junction with Old Edinburgh Road. In 1841 David Napier took over the Parkhead Forge.

It grew under William Beardmore's ownership to become a large concern, manufacturing a broad range of products including armaments and heavy steel plate. It was associated with the Beardmore Ship Yard, Inchterf Proving Range and Inchinnan Airship Constructional Station. The larger portfolio extended to battleships, airships, aircraft, taxis and more.

The forge was served by both the Glasgow and Coatbridge Railway of the North British Railway and the Switchback of the Caledonian Railway. The former ran to the north of the site and the latter along the western edge.

Having focused on providing wartime equipment, the company struggled in peacetime. Over expansion and the involvement of Vickers, nationalisation, then Firth Brown saw the site reduced to manufacturing rollers for steel mills and then closure.



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  /  /1837Reoch Brothers
Forging company established at the Parkhead Forge.
  /  /1841David Napier
Buys the Parkhead Forge.
  /  /1845William Rigby
Becomes manager at the Parkhead Forge.
  /  /1848Robert Napier
Buys the Parkhead Forge for his sons James R. Napier and John Napier.
  /  /1858Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Launches the SS Great Eastern at Millwall. The engine crank was manufacturer by the Parkhead Forge which was the only works capable of manufacturing such a large item. The forge would later belong to the Beardmores.
  /  /1859Robert Napier
Gains sole control of the Parkhead Forge from his sons.
  /  /1860William Rigby
Buys the Parkhead Forge.
31/12/1975William Beardmore & Co Ltd
Ceases trading, Parkhead Forge controlled by Firth Brown.