William Beardmore (Junior)


  /  /1879William Beardmore (Junior)
Becomes partner with Isaac Beardmore.
  /  /1887William Beardmore (Junior)
Becomes only partner when Isaac Beardmore retires.
  /  /1888William Beardmore (Junior)
Becomes managing director of the Wear Steel Company.
  /  /1896Joseph Westwood & Co William Beardmore (Junior) Brown & Tawse Ltd
Joseph Westwood & Co jointly acquired by William Beardmore (Junior) and Brown & Tawse Ltd.
  /  /1898William Beardmore (Junior) Joseph Beardmore Duncan Stewart & Co
William and his brother Joseph become directors of Duncan Stewart & Co.
  /  /1899William Beardmore (Junior)
Buys the goodwill of Robert Napier & Sons. Takes over the shipyard in Govan.
  /  /1900William Beardmore (Junior)
Buys land on the north bank of the River Clyde at Dalmuir for building the Dalmuir Naval Shipyard (Beardmore's shipyard).
  /  /1900William Beardmore (Junior) Chiswick Syndicate J.I. Thornycroft
William Beardmore (Junior) joins the Chiswick Syndicate to buy J.I. Thornycroft.
  /  /1901William Beardmore (Junior)
Becomes chairman of J.I. Thornycroft.
  /  /1902William Beardmore & Co Ltd
Formed by William Beardmore (Junior) and Vickers, Sons and Maxim Ltd. William Beardmore (Junior) becomes Chairman and Managing Director, Albert Vickers and Lt. Trevor Dawson become directors.
  /  /1904William Beardmore (Junior)
Becomes a director of the Steel Manufacturers Nickel Syndicate Ltd and the Harvey United Steel Co.
  /  /1907William Beardmore (Junior)
Resigns as chairman of J.I. Thornycroft & Co
  /  /1914William Beardmore (Junior)
Created a baronet.
  /  /1914Dalmuir and West of Scotland Estates Co
Established by William Beardmore (Junior).
  /  /1920Sir William Beardmore (Junior)
Becomes main shareholder in Dunford, Elliot Ltd
  /  /1924Atholl Steel Houses Ltd
Formed by Sir William Beardmore (Junior) and the Duke of Atholl
09/04/1936Sir William Beardmore (Junior), Lord Invernairn
Death of Sir William Beardmore (Junior), Lord Invernairn.