Paisley St James

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Paisley St James (1883-)

Station code: PYJ National Rail
Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.
Open on the Inverclyde Lines.


This is a two platform station on the Glasgow - Gourock line. There is no car park.

Paisley St James has been the projected point of junction for a new railway to Glasgow Airport and, despite land purchase across the St James Playing Fields, the link has been abandoned. On a more positive note this line east from Paisley Gilmour Street was increased to three tracks to provide additional line capacity.

The station had a large goods yard on its north/east side. The yard was divided into a northern and southern portion, the southern (Underwood Coal Depot) being accessed by reversal from the northern. This depot predated the station and its goods yard - it was originally served directly from the station site and dates from around the line's opening.

From the yard a long siding ran to a fire clay works and tar works. The Beardmore Taxi factory was also served.

The yard closed around 1988 with the loss of Spillers and Armitage Shanks traffic.

The goods yard was served by Underwood Coal Depot Signal Box at the Paisley Gilmour Street end of the station, on the south side of the line where the goods yard sidings left the main line. The box closed in 1902 on the opening of a new railway and opening of a new box, Paisley St James. This was a very tall three storey box on the Greenock bound platform. (The old box may have remained as a bothy).

The Paisley and Barrhead District Railway, opened in 1902, was accessed from St James Junction, just north west of the station. There was a small locomotive shed here which may have opened in connection with the Barhead line.
From 1941 St James Junction was the only point of entry to the line.

The box closed 1966, replaced by Paisley Power Box. The Barrhead line, much shortened, closed around 1984 and was lifted around 1988.



Chronology Dates

  /  /1878Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway
Widening of railway at Paisley St James, Underwood, authorised.
  /03/2008Glasgow Airport Rail Link
Project transferred from Strathclyde Passenger Transport to Transport Scotland. SPT had completed the design work for a double track 1.25 mile line from just east of Paisley St James to the airport and taken the plans to the Scottish Parliament. Estimated cost of line £200M (also estimated as £160M in 2009). The line would cross St James' Park and its football pitches.
07/08/2010Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway
Paisley St James reopens after reconstruction of the platforms and footbridge.

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