Morpeth [B and T]

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Morpeth [B and T] (1858-1880)

Opened on the Morpeth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway).

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This was the terminus of the Blyth and Tyne Railway to the south of Morpeth itself, opened alongside Morpeth, the Newcastle and Berwick Railway though station. The latter was just to the north.

This station was on the south side of Coopie's Lane and approached from the east by a line which ran south east to Bedlington.

From 1862 the station also became the terminus for the North British Railway whose ambitions to reach Newcastle via the Blyth and Tyne Railway were defeated. Access to the terminus was awkward as the connection was made east of the station (Wansbeck Railway Junction), requiring a reversal for arriving and departing trains.

The station building, dating from 1864, is Grade II listed. This was on the north side of the terminating line. The west end of the site had a coal depot, at 90 degrees to Shields Road. At the east end of the site, and on the north side of the line, was a goods yard.

From 1872 the North British Railway trains used a new curve to reach a new platform on the north side of Morpeth station. The line to the Blyth and Tyne RailWay closed.

In 1874 the North Eastern Railway absorbed the Blyth and Tyne Railway. The North Eastern Railway built a large stone goods shed at the east end of the terminus in 1879. The former terminus became a goods yard only from 1880. The link from the east end of the terminus to the east end of Morpeth station was then always used for passenger trains, there being a bay for terminating trains.

The goods yard sidings survived into the 1990s.

The station building and goods shed both survive, in other uses. The east end of the site is now a car park. The line from Bedlington also survives. The line is used for freight only, although the first section of it over Coopie's Lane is used to turn back local trains terminating at Morpeth.


The railway buildings have found new uses, including for Carrs Billington .


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