Maryhill Viaduct [GDH]

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Maryhill Viaduct [GDH] (1858-)

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Opened on the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway.


This is a double track seven arch viaduct over the River Kelvin built for the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway. During construction, in 1857, five arches collapsed (the viaduct may have originally had nine arches). Alternative names are the Dawsholm Viaduct (which can be confused with the Dawsholm Viaduct a Dawsholm) and Kelvin Viaduct (could be confused with the Kelvin Viaduct by Partick).

Maryhill [NB] was at the east end of the viaduct. The line was originally single track, doubled soon after opening in 1858.

In 1874 a second viaduct was built alongside directly to the south for the Stobcross Railway (Maryhill Viaduct [SR]). A junction (Maryhill Park Junction [1st]) was formed between the two lines immediately east of the viaducts and west of Maryhill [NB] station. The viaducts directly butted up against each other providing essentially a four track viaduct.

The southern viaduct is largely out of use, the northern carrying the Helensburgh line and, at its west end, the reinstated Maryhill Park Junction to Anniesland chord.




Dawsholm Viaduct [GDH]


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