Leith Walk East Goods

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Leith Walk East Goods (1868-1980)

Opened on the Easter Road Deviation (North British Railway).


This large goods yard was to the west of Easter Road station on the lines built in 1868 to replace the Scotland Street Tunnel route. It was a principal goods depot of the North British Railway in Edinburgh. The yard was on the northern part of a triangle of lines. It could be served from the west (via Abbeyhill Junction) or east (via Piershill Junction). Approach to the yard was ultimately from the east, through Easter Road.

The site was constrained by Leith Walk to the west, Easter Road to the east, the Granton line to the north and Brunswick Road and Tait Place to the south.

A large goods shed was at the west end, with a fan of lines to the east. In the south were smaller goods sheds, loading banks and sidings.At the east end were reversing spurs for shunting and further sidings. Easter Road signal box, at the west end Easter Road station, overlooked the turnout for the yard and sidings.

The yard was altered several times. The older part was the northern portion which had land reserved to the south to expand to.

The site was latterly a National Carriers Limited parcel depot.

After closure, and singling of the Granton route, a single siding, a reversing spur was retained for trains turning on the triangle of lines.

The site is now obliterated, having been used by Royal Mail it is now covered with new flats. The disused single line to Powderhall remains, passing the yard site to the north.


Goods yard sidings

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  /04/1952Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway
Leith Walk Goods renamed Leith Walk East Goods.