Kipps Junction Incline Foot

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Kipps Junction Incline Foot (1828-1964)

Opened on the Ballochney Railway.
Opened on the Rochsoles Branch (Ballochney Railway).


This was the incline foot for the lower Ballochney Incline (Commonhead Incline) which ran east to Commonhead and Rawyards. To the west was Kipps Junction.

Leaend station (1828-1843), the first station for Airdrie, opened to the south. It was approached from the west.

It became a junction in 1843 when the Rochsoles Branch opened to the north east from the 1828 Ballochney Railway. The junction was close to the foot of the Thrushbush Incline which ran north east.

A yard, Kipps Yard was laid out to the west. On the north side of the line were a series of sidings approached from the east and on the south side a larger number of sidings approached from the west.

A signal box, 'Incline Foot', opened on the north side of the junction in 1888.

It became the approach to the Northburn Steel Works (1920-1967), on the north side of the line and west of the junction. The stub of the Rochsoles Branch was retained after closure in 1954 as far as the Thrashbush Incline foot as a reversing spur for the works.

The box closed in 1959 (along with Kipps Junction box to the west). The line remained open for Northburn and closed around 1967. The line east to Airdrie Hallcraig Street and the stub of the Rochsoles branch survived until 1964.


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Rochsoles Branch Junction

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06/07/1964Ballochney Railway
Closed from Airdrie Hallcraig Street (then named Airdrie North Goods) to Commonhead to Kipps Junction Incline Foot to Kipps Junction (excluded).