Northburn Steel Works

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Northburn Steel Works (1920-1967)

Served by the Ballochney Railway.


This open hearth steel works was located at Kipps, Airdrie. The works was fitted with three 40 ton open hearth furnaces. It produced steel billets.

The works was north of the former Ballochney Railway and served by railway from Kipps Junction Incline Foot.

The works was built between 1916 and 1920 by the Scottish Iron & Steel Company. The Ministry of Munitions encouraged its constructions for steel for shell cases.

From 1939 it was owned by Bairds & Scottish Steels Ltd as the Scottish Iron & Steel Company merged with William Baird and Company, owners of the Gartsherrie Iron Works.

The iron works and steel works were operated together with other owned malleable iron works and steel works becoming rolling works.

The works was nationalised in 1951. In 1967 the works closed on the formation of British Steel Corporation. Open hearth works were considered obsolete.

The site has been completely cleared.


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Chronology Dates

  /  /1916Scottish Iron and Steel Company
Start to build Northburn Iron and Steel Works Northburn Steel Works.
  /  /1920Scottish Iron and Steel Company
Northburn Steel Works enters production. It had the first electrically driven reversing mill in Scotland.
  /  /1939William Baird & Co
William Baird & Co absorb the Scottish Iron and Steel Company to create Bairds and Scottish Steel. This linked the Gartsherrie Iron Works with the Northburn Steel Works. There was no hot metal road between the works.
  /11/1961Straiton Lime Works
Closed and remaining locomotive transferred to Bairds and Scottish Steel's Northburn Steel Works.
  /  /1984Monkland and Kirkintilloch RailwayBallochney Railway
Area around the former Kipps Junction landscaped and remains of the railways and Northburn Steel Works removed.