Kinross Junction [2nd]

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Kinross Junction [2nd] (1890-1970)

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Opened on the Fife and Kinross Railway.


This station opened with the opening of the Forth Bridge Railway and Glenfarg Line (North British Railway). It was an island platform station.

Kinross Junction signal box was located south of the station at the point of junction, in the 'V', where the Devon Valley Railway met the Fife and Kinross Railway. Both lines were double track at the junction, the route to Dollar dropping to a single track just beyond the junction. There had been a north box at the north end of the station but this burned down in the 1890s.

The Devon Valley Railway closed as far as Dollar in 1964.

The railway closed in 1970, a travelling signalman operating the box for a month after closure to passengers while it briefly remained open for goods.

Little remains of the station, except a short section of retaining wall at the north end, west side of the line.




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