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Kinneil (1985-)

Open on the Bo^ness and Kinneil Railway [Preserved].

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This single platform halt dates from 1985, built on a new alignment for the Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway opened to the north of the original alignment of the Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway.

The line east to Bo'ness [1st] had closed in 1965. The remaining line from Manuel High Junction fell out of use in 1975 although track remained in place until around 1980 being lifted just as the preserved line from Bo'ness was being laid from the east. At the time the colliery was still in operation and a new alignment was laid to the north of the original skirting round the site. This land was reclaimed land, formerly the foreshore, the site of dumping of useless materials from the washery. The colliery was mothballed in 1982 and closed in 1983 and has since been demolished.

Kinneil station opened as the western terminus of the new line with a loop. The platform was on the north side of the line.

The former site of the mine is now green land and the former foreshore dump is a nature reserve.

The loop at the halt is now out of use, the line having been extended on to Birkhill (1989) and Manuel Junction. The station is now a request halt.


Boness and Kinneil Railway


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