Kinneil [1st]

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Kinneil [1st] (1899-1930)

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Opened on the Slamannan and Borrowstounness Railway.


This was a small station to the north west of Kinneil. Due to misspelling in timetables it was also known as Kinniel. The station had a timber platform and small station building, more of a shelter.

Kinneil Iron Works, just to the east and with its own tramway system, had opened in 1843. The railway opened in 1851. Furnace Yard Pit sunk 1880s.

Initially a ticket platform opened in 1899. On the east side of the line.

To the west of the station was the Kinneil Slag Hill on the foreshore. It was initially the slag dump for the Kinneil Iron Works but later the colliery tip.

To the north was a two road locomotive shed, part of the colliery and ironworks lines. This was on the west side of the line. It was an old shed, dating from the 1850s.

To the north east was the Kinneil Iron Works and later the Furnace Yard Pit.

At the north end of the platform was a signal box, close to the locomotive shed.

The station closed in 1930.

Kinneil Colliery was a re-development of Furnace Yard Pit, completed in 1956. The sidings were rebuilt and a new signal box opened in 1961.

The line east to Boness [1st] closed in 1965.

The signal box was destroyed in the 1968 Central Scotland hurricane which caused extensive damage all over the Central Belt.

The line west and south to Bo'ness High Junction closed in 1979. Kinneil Colliery closed in 1982.

The preserved Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway [Preserved] now runs here. The alignment to the east Kinneil Deviation (Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway) is a little to the north of the original route.





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