Glasgow Railway Engineering Works

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Glasgow Railway Engineering Works (1891-1959)

Served by the Govan Branch (Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway).


This was the works of D Drummond & Son and Glasgow Railway Co which merged in 1901 to become Glasgow Railway Engineering Co Ltd. The works was on the west side of Govan station and approached from the south.

D Drummond & Son was founded by Dugald Drummond and built locomotives between 1891 and 1900.

Seven 2ft gauge 0-4-0 well tank locomotives were built for Glasgow Corporation Gas Works Division in 1894, these were used at the Dawsholm Gas Works.

Around 1901 Walter Drummond and George William Drummond took out a patent on an automatic tablet exchange apparatus.

After 1901 the company manufactured parts of locomotives; wheels, axles and springs. Two steam railmotors were built for the Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railway in 1904.

It ceased manufacturing in 1959.


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  /  /1890Dugald Drummond
Leaves the Caledonian Railway to set up the Glasgow Railway Engineering Co Ltd at Glasgow Railway Engineering Works, Helen Street, Govan.
  /  /1901Glasgow Railway Engineering Co Ltd
Company formed to absorb Glasgow Railway Co and D Drummond & Son, both of the Glasgow Railway Engineering Works, Helen Street, Govan.
01/09/1904Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railway
New service from Pontypridd (Tram Road) Halt on the Pontypridd, Caerphilly and Newport Railway, east of the Taff Vale Railway station, to Caerphilly started. Uses two steam railmotors built by the Glasgow Railway Engineering Works (Glasgow Railway and Engineering Company) of Govan. Seven halts opened on route.


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