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Houston [1st] (1841-1926)
Georgetown (1926-1959)

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Opened on the Glasgow, Paisley and Greenock Railway.


This was a two platform station. There was a main station building similar to that at Bishopton on the eastbound platform and shelter on the westbound. The signal box was just north of the main building. The eastbound platform was reached by an access road from the south and the westbound by a footway rising from the roadway to the south, and there was a footbridge between the platforms.

There was a siding on the east side of the line at the north end of the station, reached by reversal.

The station served the Great War period Georgetown Filling Factory which was also served by a private station, Georgetown [NFF], to the north at the Georgetown Filling Factory Yard exchange sidings. These sidings were on the west side of the line, north of the station. Access to these sidings was controlled by Southbar Junction signal box, replaced for the opening of the factory.

Covered walkways ran to the No 2 factory site which was built and opened in 1916. The station's platforms were extended

With the closure of the factory in 1918 the nearby Georgetown housing survived. The Georgetown [NFF] station had closed and Houston station was renamed in 1926 for the nearby housing it continued to serve.

Southbar Junction signal box burned down in 1934 and was replaced with Barochan Junction box in 1937, located at the south end of the loop line which gave access to the factory site. ROF Bishopton, further north, replaced the site in the Second World War and the Georgetown Filing Factory site was used for storage.

The station closed in 1959 and signal box closed in 1962. The platforms are gone, but some of the railway fencing remains. The main station building and access road had to be cleared for the construction of the M8 which runs alongside the railway on its east side.


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