Finnieston [1st]

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Finnieston [1st] (1886-1916)

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Opened on the Glasgow City and District Railway.


This was a two platform station located in a dressed stone cutting on the south side of Argyle Street on which was the station surface two storey building and entrance. The platforms were canopied. Stairways ran up to a footbridge with access from Argyle Street.

To the west the line crossed over the Glasgow Central Railway (this portion now closed) as it emerged from Stobcross Depot Tunnel to the south and St Vincent Crescent Tunnel to the north. Beyond to the west was Stobcross Junction.

To the east the line passes under Kent Road in the Finnieston Tunnel to Charing Cross [GC and DR] station.

To the south was the large Stobcross Goods [NBR].

The station closed in 1916 and the signal box closed in 1917. This had been located on the eastbound platform, in a recess at the west end.

The platform mounds remain and signs of the former staircases. The surface level buildings no longer exist.

Confusingly when the Argyle Line reopened Stobcross station was renamed Finnieston - this station was to the south on a different railway.



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