Exhibition [CR]

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Exhibition [CR] (1890-1890)

Opened on the Caledonian Railway.

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This temporary station served the International Exhibition of Electricity, Engineering, General Inventions and Industries. This was laid out on the land later occupied by Slateford Yard, the Meggetland sports grounds lying south of the line at Slateford and west of Craiglockhart and housing at Meggetland, Ashley Drive and Ashley Gardens. The exhibition was also served by Exhibition [NBR].

The Caledonian Railway station was on a double track loop south of the main line and just south of Slateford Junction with the west connection to the west of the junction and east connection east of the junction on the approach to Merchiston.

The loop, greatly expanded, became Slateford Yard.

Gorgie West Goods was north of the main line, but there was probably not a Gorgie West station, although it appears on some schematics.


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