Eskbank and Dalkeith

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Names and dates

Gallowshall (1847-1850)
Eskbank [1st] (1850-1954)
Eskbank and Dalkeith (1954-1969)

Note: text in square brackets is added for clarity and was not part of the location's name.

Opened on the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway.


This was a two platform station. The street level building, still standing, is a two storey sandstone building with Tudor styling. The rear of this building had a canopy and steps descended to the platforms and footbridge.

The trackbed was crossed by a girder footbridge, which has been removed for re-opening and is now in preservation. There were waiting rooms at platform level.

Often re-instatement of a line sweeps away the remains of an old station, but the two platforms remain along with the original street level building., now a house

'and Dalkeith' was added to the name ten years after closure of the short Dalkeith branch terminus. To the north was the short lived Glenesk station.

A new station called Eskbank has been opened to the south on the site of Hardengreen Yard.



Chronology Dates

  /  /1954Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Eskbank [1st] renamed Eskbank and Dalkeith.

News items

04/01/2023Forgotten station near Edinburgh built by aristocrat you can see still signs of today [Edinburgh Live]


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