Elgin East Junction

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Elgin East Junction (1862-1968)
Opened on the Morayshire Railway.


This junction was east of Elgin [GNSR] station. The junction was formed in 1862 when the course of the original portion of the Morayshire Railway from Elgin to Lossiemouth of 1852 was met by its later route via Longmorn to Rothes of 1862.

The two lines ran parallel for a little distance before dividing. Elgin Shed [1st] was to the south.

The junction point was moved a little further east in the 1880s and further sidings laid in. Elgin Shed [1st] closed, replaced by Elgin Shed [2nd].

A signal box, 'Elgin East', opened in 1888. In addition to the junction and Elgin [GNSR] station's eastern approach, the box also controlled the Elgin East Coal Yard, Elgin Shed [2nd]. The signal box was on the north side of the junction.

To the west the lines were (from north to south):
- Elgin GNSR goods (Elgin East Coal Yard reached by reversal)
- Elgin [GNSR] (bay platforms)
- Elgin [GNSR] (through platform)
- goods interchange line to Elgin [HR]
- dead end sidings

Elgin Centre box (disused) is at the junction between the GNoSR and HR systems between Elgin West and Elgin East, located in the 'V' of the junction.

To the east:
- Lossiemouth and Moray 'Coast' route
- Elgin Gas Works
- Longmorn, Rothes, [Dufftown]] 'Glen' route
- Elgin Shed [2nd]

The box closed in 1968 when Elgin East, the Moray Coast and Glen routes all closed.

The Coast line was dismantled to the junction, the Glen route was left as a siding as far as Ashgrove Road, retained as the headshunt for the goods yard. This allowed the nearby Highland Railway goods yard to first be reduced to a coal yard and later closed.

Improvements were made to the goods yard with the installation of a container crane.

The crane was removed around 2017 during the resignalling of Elgin when the goods yard was used as a large permanent way depot. Redudant sidings were lifted.




The Travellers Joy: The Story of the Morayshire Railway