Elgin Shed [1st]

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Loco shed

Name and dates

Elgin Shed [1st] (1852-1902)

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Where: Moray
Opened on the Morayshire Railway.


The original Morayshire Railway shed of 1852 was just east of Elgin East and south of the line (but north of the Inverness and Aberdeen Junction Railway. This was a two road shed.

The shed appears on the 1871 OS map. It was approached from the west, from Elgin [GNSR], with a turntable to the north. It was a little west of Elgin East Junction.

The shed was replaced by Elgin Shed [2nd] but it still stands.

Expansion of the station^s sidings followed the opening of the Moray Coast Railway (Great North of Scotland Railway) in 1886, when the nearby Elgin Centre Signal Box opened, and again in 1902 when Elgin [GNSR] was rebuilt as a grander station.

With this reconstruction the station was extended east of the site of the first shed, which would make access awkward requiring several reversals.

The first shed appears on the 1905 OS map without track and with the station rebuilding to the west.

The shed still stands in non railway use.



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