Dykes Junction

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Dykes Junction (-1964)

Opened on the Ayr and Cumnock Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was the junction for Dykes Pit No 1, Hindsward Colliery and Whitehill 1,2 Colliery. Access to a headshunt was from the west and a reversal was required to run south to the collieries.

Originally the line between the junction and Skares station, to the west, was single track. A single line passed over Skares Viaduct, the line was on the south side. The signal box, shares with Skares station, was on the south side of the line and west of the viaduct.

A loop was laid in between the junction and station, the west end of the loop being connected to the Skares goods yard. for this the box may have been replaced.

The line east to Cronberry Junction closed completely in 1964 and the signal box at Dykes Junction closed.

In 1966 the line west to Belston Junction (excluded) closed.

The formation of the junction still exists.




07/03/1964Ayr to Mauchline Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Cronberry to Dykes Junction closed to freight.
03/04/1966Ayr to Mauchline Branch (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Dykes Junction to Belston Junction closed to freight.