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Comrie (1893-1964)

Opened on the Crieff and Comrie Railway.

Opened on the Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway.


This was a two platform station. At first, when a terminus, a platform and station building were not provided on the up side. After extension a second platform and building were provided.

A triangle of lines from the goods yard, south of the line approached from the east, allowed locomotive turning.

The signal box was accidentally burned down in 1951 and replaced with a hut. The box was to close in 1961, becoming a one-engine-in-steam location from Crieff Signalbox. Station closure came with the end of the Gleneagles-Crieff-Comrie passenger service in 1964.

Portions of platform remain, particularly under the road bridge at the west end. The site is now a caravan park. Comrie Holiday Park


Terminus station

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15/06/1964Crieff and Comrie Railway
Comrie to Crieff [2nd] closed to goods.