Carron Dock

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Carron Dock (1883-)

Opened on the Lochs, and lakes, water.
Opened on the Grangemouth Railway (Forth and Clyde Canal).


Carron Dock (originally New Dock) was opened in 1883 by the Caledonian Railway to the south of Grangemouth Old Dock, with which there was a connection, and continued east to join the River Carron. This was a ship dock with a large entry lock, rather than a dock for canal sized vessels. The Caledonian were the new owners of the Grangemouth Railway and its former owner the Forth and Clyde Canal, along with its docks in Grangemouth..

The goods line to the Old Dock had to cross over a swing bridge between the Old Dock and Carron Dock to serve the Old Dock. Extra lines were added serving the north side of the Carron Dock. A new branch, controlled by Grangemouth North Signal Box, was added north of Grangemouth station to serve the southern quayside of the Carron Dock and curving lines from this served staithes at the dock's east end. The Caledonian Saw Mills, south of the dock, were also served.

There were alterations in 1906 to both the dock and railways serving the dock when the Grange Dock opened.

Carron Dock is still in active use. It is no longer rail served.