Grange Dock

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Grange Dock (1906-)

Opened on the Lochs, and lakes, water.


This is one of the principal docks in the port of Grangemouth, located towards its eastern end. It is chiefly involved in container traffic. The dock was opened in 1906, built on a site to the south of the course of the River Carron.

The dock has a canting basin at its east end. Entry to the basin is via the Grangemouth Eastern Channel to the east. The basin leads to two areas to the west separated by the Grange Dock Tongue: the northern is the Grangemouth Western Channel leading to the Carron Dock, the southern the Grange Dock warehouses.

As built

All quaysides were rail served. The dock handled coal export (4 coal hydraulic hoists) and iron ore import.

The south quay of the basin was served with coal hoists, the east quay with quayside lines and travelling cranes, the north quay with quayside lines which ran from the western to the eastern channel.

The south quay of the dock was served with quayside lines and travelling cranes and the north quay (Grange Dock Tongue) with further lines and goods sheds.

The part leading to the western channel was also served by quayside lines and warehouses on the north and south (tongue) faces.

Coal export ceased in the 1960s. Coal import continued. Strip coil from the Gartcosh Steelworks was exported.


The south side of the dock and canting area is a hard standing for handling container traffic. There are two container cranes.

The connection to the Grangemouth New Oil Terminal runs round the south of the container area.




  /  /1897Grangemouth Railway (Forth and Clyde Canal Company)
New Dock and entrance channel authorised for the Caledonian Railway. This will be the Grange Dock, linked to the existing Carron Dock by the Grangemouth Western Channel and itself approached by the Grangemouth Eastern Channel. (The North British Railway is granted running powers.)
  /  /1903Grangemouth Railway (Forth and Clyde Canal Company)
Further time granted to complete Grange Dock.
12/09/1904Grangemouth Railway (Forth and Clyde Canal Company)
New lines at the Grange Dock opened.
01/10/1904Grangemouth Railway (Forth and Clyde Canal Company)
The first vessel enters the Grange Dock. (The 1891 SS Corunna of Donald Currie and Co, Leith.)
02/04/1906Grangemouth Railway (Forth and Clyde Canal Company)
Grange Dock opened to shipment of coal.