Calder Iron Works

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Calder Iron Works (1800-1921)


Formed by William Dixon (Senior) of Govanhill (1753-1822) in 1801 with David Mushet. The works was served by the ^Dixon^s Cut^ of the Monkland Canal.


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  /  /1801David Mushet
David Mushet, manager and builder of the Calder Iron Works, discovers blackband ironstone on the Cairnhill Estate at Cairnhill Old Mill.
  /  /1801Calder Iron Works
Calder Iron Works under construction.
  /  /1801William Dixon (Senior)
Buys bankrupt Calder Iron Works.
  /  /1803William Dixon (Senior)
Becomes sole owner of Calder Iron Works.
  /  /1804William Dixon (Senior)
Purchases Calder Iron Works from David Mushet, who stays as manager.
  /  /1824Calder Ironworks Waggonway
Opened from Calder Iron works to Monkland Canal.