Bathgate Central Junction

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Bathgate East Junction [1st] (1850-1920)
Bathgate Central Junction (1920-1982)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway.

Opened on the Longridge to Bathgate (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway).

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This junction was created in 1850 when the 1849 Edinburgh and Bathgate Railway was met by the Longridge to Bathgate (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway) line just east of Bathgate [1st] station. The connection faced Edinburgh, allowing goods and minerals to run through whereas passenger trains would need to reverse to reach Bathgate station.

Bathgate Upper opened on the newer line around 1870, replacing the existing terminus. This was not long after the completion of the new line west to Airdrie.

The box was on the north side of the junction. Originally named Bathgate Upper it was renamed Bathgate East in 1903 and Bathgate Central in 1920. With expansion of the yard a further line was added to its north, later to become the approach to the 1986 Bathgate terminus.

The junction was renamed Bathgate Central Junction in 1920 on the opening of Bathgate East Junction [2nd] to the east.

The line west to Airdrie was singled in late 1979 and was closed completely in early 1982.

The signal box survived the closure to become a panel box in 1985. The box was renamed 'Bathgate Yard' in 1986 just before re-opening to passengers and then closed shortly afterwards, also in 1986, replaced by the Edinburgh Signalling Centre. The Bathgate Truck Plant closed in 1986.

The location was directly west of the present Bathgate station at the divergence of the branch to the former terminus station.



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