Barry Links

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Barry [DandAR] (1843-1919)
Barry Links (1919-)

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Station code: BYL National Rail ScotRail
Where: Angus, Scotland
Opened on the Dundee and Arbroath Railway.
Open on the Dundee to Aberdeen.


This is a two platform station. It is west of Carnoustie. It has gained some notoriety due to the very low number of passengers using the station annually.

The westbound platform was formerly and island with a building which had canopies on both sides. The disused platform face can still be found. A fine lattice footbridge connects the platforms and still has the portion which crossed the lifted line.

There is an old station building at the west end of the station on the eastbound platform. The building is now a house. There was a siding on the north side of the line, approached from east of the station.

Early timetables mention a halt at Deyhouse, which is the name of the level crossings to the west of the platform.

The station served the large Barry Camp military site to the south, a very large training camp particularly associated with the Great War. The site had track mounted targets. The island platform at the station was added for the camp traffic.

There were two signal boxes. The original box, on the north side of the line between the running lines and goods yard, was replaced in 1896. In 1908 a west box opened and the older box became the east box.

The west box, on the west side of the the level crossing (just west of the station) and on the south side of the line, survived into the 1980s. There had been sidings and rail served sheds beyond this to the west.





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Chronology Dates

01/04/1919Dundee and Arbroath Railway
Barry renamed Barry Links.

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