Balsporran Box

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Balsporan Box (1906-1907)
Balsporan Box (1908-1928)
Balsporran Box (1942-1963)

Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.


This intermediate box broke the section between Dalnaspidal, to the south, and Dalwhinnie, to the north. The Gaelic name is Beul an Sporain.

It was originally a temporary box involved with the doubling of the Blair Atholl to Dalwhinnie section, opening when the doubling of the line from the south from County March Signal Box [Highland Main Line] reached Balsporan, and closing with its extension north to Dalwhinnie in 1909.

A new box opened in 1908 . It closed after the Great War in 1928.

A further new box opened a little further north in 1942 during the Second World War after which, from 1952, it was only open in the summer. It closed in 1963 and the line was singled again in 1966. This was a plain brick built box with a single sloping roof, dropping at the rear. The rear backed onto an older railway cottage.

The line was redoubled in 1977-1978 and remains open as a double track.

The railway cottage survives here, on the east side of the line.

There is a minor level crossing here used by walkers to Beinn Udlamain, A'Mharconaich and Geal-Charn [Erecht]. A small car park exists to the east by the A9.

The line crosses the minor Allt Beul an Sporain just to the south of the crossing.


Balsporran Bed and Breakfast


Signal box level crossing


Gaelic name: Beul an Sporain


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