Balquhidder [1st]

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Names and dates

Lochearnhead [1st] (1870-1904)
Balquhidder [1st] (1904-1905)

Opened on the Callander and Oban Railway.

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The original station here had a single platform with a timber building on a curve and a goods yard. The yard was to the north of the station, on the east side of the line. This yard opened to goods and mineral traffic before the railway was completed. A loop and second platform was added later (probably 1890 when Lochearnhead signal box opened). The main station building, at this time, was on the southbound platform, with a smaller one on the northbound.

Northwest from the station was the long climb to Killin [1st].

With the opening of the station the road alongside was realigned to the north to accommodate the railway and passed under a bridge just to the north of the platforms. The abutments of this bridge can still be found, although the main road has been realigned cut through the site of the first station. The bridge was rebuilt to accommodate the loop.

The station name changed on the opening of Lochearnhead [2nd], in 1904, on the Lochearnhead, St Fillans and Comrie Railway with which there was, initially, no connection. The new station was at a far more suitable location for the name.

It was to take another year before the St Fillans line was extended to Balquhidder 1st in 1905. The new station, a little to the south (Balquhidder [2nd]), opened with the branch. The old station closed. The signal box had closed in 1904, replaced by the new Balquhidder East box (actually at the south end of the new station).



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