Aurs Burn Viaduct

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Aurs Burn Viaduct (1905-1941)

Opened on the Paisley and Barrhead District Railway.


This is a disused concrete six arch double track viaduct. The viaduct crosses the minor Aurs Burn which runs in a deep defile. It is located in the south of Barrhead. The approximate length is 350 ft.

Other than the remains of the Barrhead Viaduct this is probably the largest monument to the former Paisley and Barrhead District Railway line.

The viaduct was completed around 1901 and brought into use in 1905.

The Lyoncross (excluded) to Barrhead South (excluded) section which included this viaduct closed in 1941.

Today the viaduct carries a footpath.




The Paisley & Barrhead District Railway