Atlas Works [2nd]

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Clyde Locomotive Works (1884-1888)
Atlas Works [2nd] (1888-1962)

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Served by the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


This works was established by Walter Montgomerie Neilson beside the City of Glasgow Union Railway which had opened in 1875. The works was across the CGU and Sighthill Branch from the Hyde Park Works [2nd]. Neilson had formerly been a partner in the competing works.

In 1888 Sharp Stewart and Company took over the works when it relocated to Springburn from Manchester, bringing the name of the Atlas Works [1st] with them to the new site. The company merged with Neilson, Reid and Company and Dübs and Company in 1903 to create the North British Locomotive Company. The works extended progressively south from by Springburn station to alongside Barnhill station. The southern portion was Mons Works.

NBL was liquidated in 1962 and the Atlas works subsequently demolished. The site is now an industrial estate.



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