Arbuckle Junction

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Arbuckle Junction

Opened on the Slamannan Railway.
Opened on the Whiterigg, Stanrigg, Arbuckle, Arden Branch (Ballochney Railway).


This junction, also known as Arden Junction, was the junction between the Ballochney Railway (of 1828) and the Slamannan Railway (opened 1840). Here the Slamannan joined a mineral branch dating from 1830 of the Ballochney which ran from Whiterigg to Arden to serve various pits - the Whiterigg, Stanrigg, Arbuckle, Arden Branch (Ballochney Railway).

Arbuckle signal box opened here in 1888 on the north side of the line controlling remaining sidings and the end of a double track section from Whiterigg, to the west. It closed in 1931, a year after the line closed to passengers. The Arden colliery branch was closed.

Around 1949 roughly here became the terminus of the line from the west with the line east being closed. Complete closure was in 1956.

Unfortunately the site has been obliterated by opencast mining.




Arden Junction

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  /  /1830Whiterigg, Stanrigg, Arbuckle, Arden Branch (Ballochney Railway)
Whiterigg branch extended from Whiterigg, via Stanrigg, and (the later) Arbuckle Junction to Arden opened.


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