St Andrews Junction Line (North British Railway)


The North British Railway, who in 1877 purchased the St Andrews Railway of 1852, extended the line south east from St Andrews [1st] to the then new St Andrews [2nd] in 1887 to meet the Anstruther and St Andrews Railway. The original station closed to passengers and became a goods yard.

The railway closed south from St Andrews [2nd] in 1965 and completely in 1969.

Why built

This short link connected the St Andrews Railway to the Anstruther and St Andrews Railway.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

The original terminus of the railway from Leuchars [1st] was alongside the St Andrews Links, to the north west of St Andrews itself. Also known as the Links station or Old station. The station was on the north west edge of the town.

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This was an island platform station located below street level. In addition to the two faces of the island platform, there was a loading dock at the north end, with a short section of platform alongside the southbound line. Also known as the new station.

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The site of St Andrews Station is now a carpark below the bus station. This is the view from the former Leuchars end of the station. ...
John Yellowlees 16/06/2017
The former St. Andrews station area, viewed from near the site of the bridge which carried Doubledykes Road across the line. Here the former trackbed ...
Colin McDonald 16/06/2017
The north end of Viaduct Walk marks the point where the former trackbed has been infilled to form a series of carparks leading to the St. Andrews ...
Colin McDonald 15/06/2017
West Port Bridge St.Andrews. The first station was to the left of bridge, where the Old Course Hotel is now. The new station was half a mile to the ...
Brian Forbes 24/12/2007
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