Fort George Branch (Highland Railway)


This railway is closed. Passenger services are still provided by ScotRail between Inverness and Aberdeen.


01/07/1899Fort George Branch (Highland Railway)
Line opened. The original Fort George [1st] station on the Inverness and Nairn Railway was sited slightly further west and renamed Gollanfield Junction.
05/04/1943Fort George Branch (Highland Railway)
Fort George to Gollanfield Junction closed to passengers.
11/08/1958Fort George Branch (Highland Railway)
Fort George to Gollanfield Junction closed to freight.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This station was largely to the west of an overbridge. It was a three platform station, a reconstruction of Fort George [1st] station, with two main line platforms to the south and a bay to the north for the Fort George [2nd] branch on the north side of the eastbound platform.

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Class 47 hauled passenger train heads east at the former Gollanfield Junction station. ...
Ewan Crawford //
An early morning Aberdeen to Inverness service runs through Gollanfield. 158706 is passing the overgrown trackbed of the short Fort George branch, ...
Mark Bartlett 01/07/2011
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This terminus was located at Ardersier. It was the terminus of a short branch from Gollanfield, the original Fort George [1st] station which it replaced. It was a single track line. Fort George [Fort] itself was just under two miles to the north.

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The former Fort George station building, standing alongside Station Road, Ardersier, in October 2005. ...
John Furnevel 31/10/2005
Looking east at the former Fort George terminus goods shed in Ardersier. ...
Ewan Crawford //
'Oh Grandma... what a big shed you have..' Looking east across Station Road, Ardersier, in October 2005 showing the enormous former HR goods ...
John Furnevel 31/10/2005
The very short branch to Fort George left the main line at Gollanfield and ran on a low embankment to the village of Ardersier where the remains of ...
Mark Bartlett 01/07/2011
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