Workington North

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Workington North (2009-2010)

Station code: WKN National Rail
Opened on the Whitehaven Junction Railway.


This was a temporary station opened after the 2009 floods which swept away the road bridges in Workington. The station was served by a shuttle train service operated by DRS which ran from Workington to Maryport serving the station in between.

There were two timber platforms and a footbridge, with the structures built using scaffolding poles.

The site was just north of Derwent Junction where the Oldside Hematite Iron and Steel Works was located to the west and West Cumberland Iron and Steel Works was located to the east.



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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
NLS Collection OS map of 1944-67

Chronology Dates

20/11/2009Whitehaven Junction Railway
Northside Bridge (A597) is washed away, leading to the opening of temporary station Workington North.
24/11/2009Whitehaven Junction Railway
Construction of Workington North, a temporary station, begins.
30/11/2009Whitehaven Junction Railway
Workington North opens, a temporary station opened to connect the north and south of Workington after the loss of the Derwent Road Bridge (A597) due to floodwater. (The nearby harbour railway bridge was severely damaged.) Shuttle trains were operated by Direct Rail Services (DRS) between Workington and Maryport - starting before the new station on the 27th. Travel was free.

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